Dog Walking & Doggo Days

Dog Walking

A huge lover of dogs, big or small. If you need your dog to have a good walk to burn off that energy and keep them fit and healthy, I can help.

I will come to your house, fetch your beloved companion and take them out – they will have a good hours walk/run and they will be returned with lots of stories to tell you.

£15 per hour for one dog (minimum of one hour)

£18 per hour for two dogs (minimum of one hour)

Please contact me to discuss dog walking for more than two dogs.


 Doggo Days

We all have those extra long days with work, socialising, travelling and much much more! Not forgetting those day trips you want to go on which aren’t always dog friendly. Don’t worry about your canine companion spending all day alone – Doggo Days are just what you need!

We will collect your beloved pooch and take them out for a half Day or a full Day, depending on what you need of course. On the days where the weather is on our side, we will explore the great outdoors and have lots of fun!

Now – do not fear, we are not ‘fair weather’ walkers at all, the only conditions that may reduce our choices of outings, are times of extreme heat. On our hotter days we will always think of something to occupy your four legged friend whether it be learning new tricks or – we might even pop out for a pup friendly ice cream to enjoy in the shade.

We can collect and drop off, at times that suit you. We are happy to use their familiar residence as a base or, they can visit our home where we have an outside space for them to get some fresh air and relax. Close by, we are fortunate enough to have an enclosed grass area which is perfect for endless ball games. 

Contact Run Rabbit Run if you want to know more about Doggo Days.



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