About Us

Born and bred in Devon, a true local with a genuine passion for the area and the people in it.

I spent the majority of my life living and working in the Barnstaple area (& Outskirts of). In 2016, myself and my partner relocated to Bideford, a charming riverside town with a big heart and much to offer.

When it comes to animals, I absolutely adore them, be they furs or feathers, I love them all. I have been very fortunate over the years to have had a variety of different animals to care for, from Horses to Hamsters and much in-between. I’m the person that makes friends with the pets when i go to friends houses, the person who says hello to the dog before the friend (pretty sure that’s the correct order anyway). I find animals to be such an important part of life – they really do enrich our existence in so many ways. 

I had the good fortune to grow up in an agricultural setting, this was an incredible experience! I absolutely LOVED lambing season and as a child, i always took care of the runts and rejects. I will never forget the little lamb who i sadly lost, his name was ‘Licky’. He used to try feeding from my fingers – bless him. He sadly didn’t survive and i contracted Orf (google it if you don’t know).

My experience with our equestrian friends: I was very fortunate as a child to have my own Pony. I say fortunate and, i mean that in essence but – wow, did she teach me how to toughen up! Anna was an adorable Welsh Pony standing at 11.2 hands – don’t let the size fool you, she was a strong minded girl and she ruled the world. She had lots of different sides to her personality, she was loving and sweet yet bloody minded and as stubborn as stubborn could be! Many times i would spend ages grooming her and then tacking up ready for a hack! Now- silly me, i thought I was the one in control? Oh no – it was never me! On our way out, she would plod, sigh and generally show little to no interest in speeding things up a tad until……….that slight pull on the reins that meant ‘home time’. Now was the time to grip your thighs, shorten the reins and hold on for dear life! It never took long to get home. 

 I could tell you so many stories, you’d be here for a long old time. Essentially, I love animals…I adore them and, i just love caring for them.

With regards to my working background, my most recent employment was with the NHS (2012 – 2022), during which time I was very lucky to work with many wonderful people. It’s a job like no other and has given me varied experiences, all of which have broadened my heart and mind to the needs of many. My role was in administration ,Ward based. It was a varied role and I loved it very much. Although I was predominantly desk based – i would often be found chatting to relatives, chatting to patients or (more often than not) talking to the staff – finding out how they are and supporting them whenever they needed me. People really do matter to me, I love to offer support and i’m the first to offer help where i can. If someone is having a bad day and you can lift them up…..why wouldn’t you? The friends i made through my 10 years at the Hospital, i hold very dear and always will. 


The Name…

In November 2018 – myself and my partner, Kevin – were heartbroken at the loss of our dearest rabbit ‘Miss Bentley’. She was a house bunny and we lived together in beautiful chaos. She definitely ruled the house – and us.

She was the funniest little friend with so many quirks and the biggest personality. She would spend much of the day sorting/ organising nests and hideaways – creating secret routes to play in. Just like me, she had a passion for organising but in a slightly different way (Feng Shui was lost on Miss Bentley).

When I decided to create this business, I wanted to dedicate it in some way to her.

The Idea

I first had the idea of an Errand business in 2017 but, at the time, I wasn’t in a position to dedicate the time and energy to it so, not wanting to do things by half, I put the idea and the business plan on the back burner – to be revisited another time.

As mentioned above, I spent 10 years working within the NHS and it was my experience in this setting that led me to identify the gaps that there are, in community support when patients are discharged home. Not all people need to have carers as such but – many do need help with the day to day things that we often take for granted. That was where the idea began and later evolved to be inclusive of anyone and everyone.  

RRR was established in July 2021. Originally, it was to be an ‘Errand Business’ and has naturally evolved to be predominantly housekeeping and a good amount of pet sitting. As i sit here now, typing this (17.06.2023), I am extremely proud of what i have achieved and my client base is very special to me. I love being a pert of peoples lives and, helping them out with keeping their beautiful homes clean and tidy – leaving them to enjoy family life – they are all dear to me and will remain so.

I found that my social media presence was more ‘pet pictures’ rather than pictures of clean shower screens (although –  i have to admit, there is much pleasure to be had with pristine screens). I simply have to follow my heart and, my heart is with animals. Therefore,  I am changing things up and focusing more on the pets and the pets of those among us who are vulnerable and less able. I will still offer a service to those in a vulnerable situation because – my care for people will not wane. It will always  be important to me, to help those who most need it.

I look forward to hearing from you and learning how I can help you.



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